Immortalis gives you the opportunity to create and be part of a guild of up to 20 people, with that team you can go to Immortal Battle (or you can go alone) among other things.

When you are in the stronghold screen (home) you will notice a gem in the upper middle of the screen with a counter (red means battle in progress, blue means time left to initiate battle) - that counter is for the Immortal Battles - which are automatic.

This battles occurs up to 5 times a day and you can't leave a guild or change party (re arragne your deck) during last hour countdown to battle or during the full hour the battle lasts.

Immortal Battle Essential.Edit

You will need the following in order to opt in and participate on Immortal Battle:

  1. Create a Party: you need to assemble your deck of Immortals that will be used inside the Immortal Battle - this can be pre arange by the system or you can manually set the party.
  2. Magic Points: you will use them in order to summon the card into play (use it in battle), you can replenish Magic Points six ways; use a magic potion, questing, using the hail option with your guild mates, hactching your egg during Immortal Battle, gifts from friends that send to you the magic potion for refill and lastly posting to social network a game invite.
  • Note Hail can only be used once per day to regain the MP needed to participate or continue Immortal Battles.

Immortal Battle ProgressEdit

The idea is simple the guild that gather more Guild Points (GP) at the end of the counter will be the winner of the Immortal Battle.

In order to rank up those points the battle engine allows the usage of combos that are activated when 2 or more guild members enter battle and take turns to summon their decks to battle a counter of the combo will appear on the upper left corner of the screen the more members and turns taken + the type of deck combos use will boost greatly the amount of GP generated on each attack.

Guilds are rank base on their Immortal Battle Performance - do not know how ranking works if it is cummulative since first day app launch or does it resets monthly.