Immortalis is a Trading Card Game Role Playing Game (TCGRPG) with and added Massive Multiplayer Online Game experience (MMOG) flavor added to it.

So that said the most basic form of gameplay is based on the cards you own which you can conjure, get as gift and unlock on quests.

Each card is graded by a Rarity indicator.

Rarity Indicator (Card Rank System)Edit

  • 1 Star = Common (C)
  • 2 Stars = Uncommon (UC)
  • 3 Stars = Rare (R)
  • 4 Stars = Highly Rare (HR)
  • 5 Stars = Super Rare (SR)
  • 6 Stars = Super Super Rare (SSR)
  • 7 Stars = Legendary Rare (LR)
  • 8 Stars = Super Legendary (SL)

This rarity indicators can and will be affected by how you evolve (rebirth) or use sacrifice to change the current rank or rarity indicator of the card you currently have

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